Executive / Close Protection & HERM

  • Executive / Close Protection

Over the last 15-20 years there has been a significant shift towards the provision of security specialists, particularly within Executive / Close Protection for company directors, VIP’s, high net worth individuals and the members of their families. This service is no longer the preserve of government organisations and World Leaders. Unfortunately due to the instability of World security and the increasing number of challenging environments, it has become a necessity for modern business enterprise and for general personal safety.

We have extensive experience in Close Protection operations on all 7 continents, having provided services for TV and businesses through to Royalty and celebrities. These very diverse individuals and organisations each require a bespoke approach and we are well accomplished in the delivery of our services to varying cultural and moral backgrounds.


  • Hostile Environment Risk Management (HERM)

With the increased development of international terrorism and crime, previsions for HERM is fast becoming, if not already for some, a corporate responsibility. Whether a charity or multinational corporation, there is a risk to all from these growing challenges and a responsibility for organisations to implement provisons.

We have been pivotal in assisting numerous organisations in the planning and delivery of HERM Services, including the following.

  • Travel planning and risk management
  • Evacuation planning, assistance and recovery
  • Disaster assistance and recovery
  • Air Ambulance, medical and repatriation services