Surveillance and Investigation Support

We offer clients bespoke surveillance and investigative support services by employing former senior Police investigators, who have experience of tackling crime and terrorism. Combined with our military and intelligence consultants, these skills, ability and experience enables us to resolve any situation globally, including the skills of gathering and presenting evidence for court purposes. Our clients have varied from the UK Police service through to individual requirements.


On assignment, we gather all relevant information available to analyse the problem and formulate a strategic and tactical plan to resolve the issue. Occasionally, assessment alone may provide the solution.



We have the ability to gather evidence and intelligence in a fast moving world. Typically, this would include covertly recorded imagery and audio product. Our operatives provide full mobile and covert surveillance in both urban and rural environments to achieve our aim.

We provide a full package offering continuity of product and witness statements in line with the ‘rules of evidence‘. We can offer Professional Witness services for court or tribunal hearings. All our evidence is gathered in accordance with data protection, human rights and investigatory powers (RIPA) legislation.