We have a team of instructors who have worked in many sectors, ranging from government through to corporate and individual cases. We work closely with Company Security Officers (CSO), Health & Safety Executives (HSE) and Information Security Officers (ISO) in working to achieve the same mutual goal.

  • TSCM

We have assisted organisations worth several billion (US$) on TSCM awareness, through to the training of security staff in the use of electronic countermeasures equipment. Our consultants in this field are from a former Intelligence Service and/or Special Forces Communications backgrounds.

  • Hostile environment

With ever increasing hostile environments globally, the need to be consulted and receive appropriate hostile environment training prior to working/travelling abroad is paramount.

We cater our training to coincide with our customers’ requirements and expectations. Whether a more basic hostile environment awareness brief is needed or more comprehensive training such as conduct after kidnap, each course is bespoke and tailored to our customers needs.

  • Medical services

Our training ranges from HSE first aid training to Remote Medical Assistance (RMA) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) qualifications. We also provide medically trained staff to assist our clients if there is a requirement.

  • Risk assessments

From small tasks through to large security risk assessments – our certified and qualified consultants are experienced in delivering structured services to organisations. We also assist in the implementation of security/risk mitigating measures.

  • ISO 27001

If you’re considering undertaking ISO 27001 accreditation, this process can be costly and very time consuming for an organisation. We can assist you from your first steps, through to your accreditation inspection.

We work with organisations to further enhance security protocols above those required by ISO 27001 (please see below).

As a Risk Management Company, we will undertake a systematic process covering all security aspects within your organisation and advise accordingly. We can undertake a more stringent process and full evaluation of your organisation through to penetration testing.

  • Company security plans (enhanced ISO 27001)

If your company requires enhanced security protocols separate or in addition to ISO 27001 structure, we have the experience in working with companies during this process, to assist in implementing physical and technological solutions.

  • Specialist requirements

We are adaptable to our customers needs, able to undertake a plethora of bespoke training services. We recommend contacting us for any bespoke requirement.