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We are a global security and risk management company that helps individuals and organisations to operate in a fast paced world. Through experience, intelligence and technology, we keep you secure and assist you in the most challenging of situations. 

Welcome to Pinnacle Risk Management

COVID-19 advice and contingency

With the rapid evolution of COVID-19, we can assist your organisation with advice and measures to mitigate the effects to you.

We can assist with contingency planning, keeping you operational, whilst at the same time remaining vigilant and reactive to the fast paced situation. 

Please contact us should you require further information 






Emergency Response

If you have an immediate requirement for assistance, please contact us via an option below 

Service Overview...

With the increased threat of international terrorism and crime, previsions for 'HERM' is a corporate responsibility. Whether a charity or multinational corporation, there is an increased risk from these growing challenges and a responsibility for organisations to implement provisons.

We have extensive experience delivering the following services to our clients:

  • Travel planning and risk management

  • Evacuation planning, assistance and recovery

  • Disaster assistance and recovery

  • Medical Services

  • Environment/Intelligence briefs

  • Physical Security

  • Linguists

  • Local 'fixers' 

  • Logistics

Hostile Environment Services

Over the last 15-20 years there has been a significant shift towards the provision of security specialists, particularly within Executive / Close Protection for company directors, VIP’s, high net worth individuals and the members of their families. This service is no longer the preserve of government organisations and World Leaders. Unfortunately due to the instability of World security and the increasing number of challenging environments, it has become a necessity for modern business enterprise and for general personal safety.

We have extensive experience in Close Protection operations, having provided services for businesses through to Royalty and celebrities. These very diverse individuals and organisations each require a bespoke approach and we are well accomplished in the delivery of our services to varying cultural and moral backgrounds.

Executive/VIP Security

We offer clients bespoke surveillance and investigative support services by employing former government surveillance and investigation professionals. 

Combined with our military and intelligence consultants, these skills, ability and experience enables us to operate globally, including the skills of gathering and presenting evidence for court purposes.

We have the ability to gather evidence and intelligence in a fast moving world. Typically, this would include covertly recorded imagery and audio product. Our operatives provide full mobile and covert surveillance in both urban and rural environments to achieve our aim.

Surveillance and Investigation Support

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace and running parallel to the advancements in technology are the individuals and organisations intent on exploiting weaknesses.

Communication security is an integral part in protecting the effective operation of a business. The leaking of confidential information through communications can be detrimental to a company, potentially leading to fraud or espionage.

Technical Security

Areas we can assist:

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

  • Cyber Security

  • Communication Security & encryption

  • Access Control

  • CCTV

Technical Security

Special Projects refer to bespoke services, not typically found 'on-the-shelf', where we work closely with our clients in tailoring services specific to their requirements. 

These often unique and challenging situations, require certain personal characteristics and skills. Having a team of individual qualities enable us to fulfill our collective role successfully.

Special Projects

Special Projects

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